Catechetics and Formation

To know, love and proclaim Jesus Christ confidently in the world


Sunday School

I am delighted to be able to provide details of how we are going to recommence Sunday School for the remainder of the academic year.  Thank you for your understanding and patience while we have taken time to ensure this reopening is done with you child’s safety as our first priority.

The delayed recommencement of our Sunday School will begin in November for all year groups. Please click the button below for further information.


Sacramental Preparation

Baptism is the gateway to the Sacraments and the beginning of our Christian Journey. The Church encourages Baptism of children early in life. Here in St Matthew's we are always delighted to welcome families who seek Baptism for their children. Please contact Fr Brian through the office for more information.

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Preparation for First Confessions, First Holy Communion and Confirmation

Here at St Matthew's we link our Sacramental Preparation programs with the Sunday School. Preparation for the celebrations of First Confessions and First Holy Communion takes place usually for children in Year Three, and Confirmation for teenagers who are in Year 9. For teenagers who are not in Catholic Schools, we ask that they join the catechetical program for both Years Eight and Year Nine.



Christian Marriage is an invaluable witness to God's love at the work in the world. Marriages are celebrated at St Matthew's by appointment. For those approaching the Church for Marriage, we ask that you give us at least six-months notice, in order that requisite paperwork can be completed with the minimum of fuss. Please see Fr Brian for more information.


Adults Joining the Church

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the journey that adults who wish to Join the Catholic Community through receiving the Sacraments. These celebrations traditionally take place during the Easter season. Please contact Fr Brian through the office for more information.


Parish Life

St Matthew's is a dynamic parish community. On this page we will soon post information about groups and associations that are active in our parish. We will also have information about social activities and ways in which we reach out as a Christian Community.

Parish Groups

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Social Activities

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