Level 2

Week 1

Student Text, Chapter 17, Page 69 - The Best Gift of All
Children to complete pages 65 - 68 of their Activity Book

Week 2

Student Text, Chapter 18, Page 73 - Jesus Dies for Us
Children to complete pages 69 - 72 of their Activity Book

Week 3

Student Text, Chapter 19, Page 77 - Jesus Was Raised to New Life
Children to complete pages 73 - 76 of their Activity Book

Week 4

Student Text, Chapter 20, Page 81- Jesus Begins the Church
Children to complete pages 77 - 80 in their Activity Book

Week 5

Student Text, Chapter 21, Page 85 - Jesus Goes Back to Heaven
Children to complete pages 81 - 84 in their Activity Book

Week 6

Student Text, Chapter 22, Page 87 - The Holy Spirit Comes
Children to complete pages 85 - 88 in their Activity Book

Streamed Sunday Mass

Parish Life

St Matthew's is a dynamic parish community. On this page we will soon post information about groups and associations that are active in our parish. We will also have information about social activities and ways in which we reach out as a Christian Community.

Parish Groups

Coming soon


Coming Soon

Social Activities

Coming Soon

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